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DAVELIOU PAINT TUBE CASE – Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, this large paint tube holder allows you to protect and secure your set of paints. The collapsible structure of this holder makes it effortlessly portable; allowing you to safely carry your paints as you travel to your painting session, whether that’s outdoors, in the studio, or in the classroom. With so many positives, it’s clear to see why artists all over the world are now painting with the aid of Daveliou’s paint tube holder.

  • Protects paints from damage
  • Handmade using soft fine natural canvas fabric
  • Conveniently keeps your art media secure and safely in place
  • Ideal for storing and stopping cherished paint falling out unexpectedly
  • 24 individual slots accommodate a variety of art implements and paints.

DISCOVER ULTIMATE PROTECTION with this hard-wearing paint tube holder which can be rolled up and tied securely; protecting your paints from damage and leakage.

Ever needed a specific paint, but can’t locate it? Made from hard wearing canvas, this secure roll-up holder includes 24 slots to hold a variety of the most popular paint sets – never misplace a shade of paint ever again. Daveliou’s foldable tube holder allows you the freedom to paint “en plein air,” which is the French expression for “in the open air” – leave the four walls of your room or studio, and paint in your local landscape

ULTIMATE CRAFTSMANSHIP – At Daveliou, our vision is to provide high-quality supplies that work with you, not against you! This means producing a tube holder that works effectively and won’t ever let you down. With Daveliou, there’s no need to worry about the condition of your art supplies. We use only the best materials during the manufacturing process; providing our customers with products that allow for ultimate confidence.

  • Measures 22″ x 12″ or 11″ x 12″ folded or 3″ diameter x 12″rolled-up
  • Perfect for artists to store, transport and organise paints
  • Natural cotton stitched canvas, which ties securely
  • Holds paints in place for easy access
  • Keeps paints secure from loss or damage

FOLDABLE, TRAVEL FRIENDLY DESIGN – Roll up, tie closed, and place into your bag. Job done! This lightweight holder rolls up into a compact shape, ready to be place into your purse or bag. Resulting in an accessory that’s easy to carry, allowing you to paint on the go!

HIGH CAPACITY (24 SLOTS) – Your paints are a vital component that should be protected from the elements. This professional paint tube holder contains 24 individual slots, capable of holding all your favourite Daveliou pants. The holder can even hold pencils, pens, rulers, highlighters, and more!

A GREAT GIFT for all occasions, Christmas, birthdays, or simply as a special treat. Gift this professional-standard paint holder to the artistic person in your life, suitable for all levels of artistic ability. Allow the receiver to join the thousands of others that are currently painting with their Daveliou tube holder.

FROM US, TO YOU – At Daveliou, we strongly believe in caring for the environment and the community! Our aim is to inspire artists worldwide and provide products that are non-toxic, easy to clean up and vegan friendly. Being recognized for outstanding service has remained at the forefront of our philosophy, and always will.

No Risk Guarantee

Backed by a No-Hassle Lifetime Free Replacement Pledge.

Start enjoying and growing your artistic skills…

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