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Daveliou framed canvas – Premium quality… you can paint with confidence!

THE DAVELIOU STRETCHED CANVAS FRAMES allow you to unleash your creativity onto a pre-stretched surface that won’t let you down. Shop today and receive a bulk pack of 5 high-quality panels.  Whether you’re a beginner or experienced artist, let your imagination run wild with the Daveliou white canvas frame – allowing you to produce works of art with the media of your choice.  With so many positives, it’s no wonder why people all over the world rely on Daveliou’s stretched canvas frame.

EXPERTLY FRAMED & STRETCHED – At Daveliou, our vision is to provide art supplies that work with you, not against you! Stop worrying about the quality of your supplies, and fully concentrate on creating and painting your best work.  Paint on our luxurious, rectangular canvas frames – complete with triple primed gesso (a white thick acrylic primer that seals, stiffens and provides a professional painting surface) for use on oil, acrylic, casein, tempera and collage media.  Daveliou’s 3-ply, 10oz cotton has been stretched over a strong, lightweight, wooden frame which is made from 5/8 inch thick kiln dried wood – ideal for artistic projects and easy to hang within your home.

The perfect base for your artwork!

PAINT INDOORS OR HEAD OUTDOOR AND PAINT EN PLEIN AIR – Whatever the occasion or mood – classroom, art class, studio or simply fancy heading outdoors to paint, then you’ll need this pack of 5 Daveliou flat canvas frames – they are portable, rugged, water-resistant and with a non-yellowing surface.  Daveliou canvases come primed and ready for immediate use, no more time-consuming preparation with stretching and priming. Just find the inspiration and get straight to work – Perfect!

THE BEST CANVAS FRAME SET for kids, students, beginners and experienced artists.  With staple-free edges, this is the perfect framed canvas for beginners and all fans of art.  With this 5-piece framed pre stretched canvas set, you’ll have plenty on hand, for when you want to share amongst friends or for when inspiration strikes.

Daveliou canvas frames represent great value, with no compromise on quality!

THE PERFECT GIFT for aspiring beginners and experienced artists alike – Allow that special person in your life to unleash their creativity onto these framed art canvases.  With staple-free edges, this frame is known to be extremely rewarding and help produce brilliant works of art, thousands of people are currently enjoying their Daveliou canvases.

OUR PROMISE TO YOU – At Daveliou, we strongly believe in caring for the environment and the community!  Our aim is to inspire artists worldwide and provide products that are non toxic, acid free, easy to clean up (water based) and vegan friendly.  Being recognized for outstanding service has remained at the forefront of our philosophy, and always will!

Start enjoying and creating your masterpiece…

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