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10 Piece Premium-Grade Canvas Panel Set

The Secret Behind Every Great Artist… is expression in each paint brush stroke!

“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his nature into his painting.”

Exceptional Quality at Significant Savings!

The Daveliou Canvas Panel 10-Piece set provides an exceptional medium to inspire creativity at every stage of the painting process for artistic mastery:
– Professional painting surface texture is derived from closely woven 100% pure 3-ply / 9.88-oz cotton for superior performance
– Re-invent your painting style and discover the joys and ease of working with professional gessoed surface
– Non-toxic gesso emulsion holds color adhesion, blending, brush strokes, structured depth
– Conformance to ASTM D4236 and safe for educational usage.

Crafted to Exacting Standards

Painting is one of mankind’s greatest skills and this set offers flexibility without expense – results are expressive:
– Surface prep seals, primes and adds tooth for color adhesion for media such as oil, acrylic, casein, tempera and collage
– Acid-free triple primed smooth, even surface affords a professional canvas ideal for artists to paint immediately
– Suitable for hanging or framing with folded corners and paintable edges
– Durable water-resistant non-yellowing surface.

Your panels are an investment. Careful storage helps performance and longevity.

No Risk Guarantee

Backed by a No-Hassle Lifetime Free Replacement Pledge.

Start enjoying and creating your masterpiece…

Click the ‘Add To Cart’ at the Top of this Page NOW!

DURABLE & RESILIENT: The artist-grade DaveliouTM Canvas Panels are produced in our manufacturing facility working in partnership with the finest art canvas making families, pioneering new painting media and state-of-the-art technologies, but always respecting the tradition of expertly crafted products and design. Relax and enjoy painting with these inexpensive canvas boards as you practice, remember experience can only improve the quality of your own beautiful technique and style.

VERSATILE PACK: The 10 piece superior pack of 3-ply / 9.88-oz canvas panels comes complete with triple primed gesso (a white thick acrylic primer that seals, stiffens and provides a professional painting surface) for use on oil, acrylic, casein, tempera and collage media. It offers the beginner, student or professional artist premium quality at an affordable price. Our convenient art canvases are individually hand finished by skilled craftsmen who take up to 6 years to master their craft.

ROBUST MEDIUM: The set delivers a centuries-old art medium that’s pre-prepared and ready for you to create your masterpiece. Suitable for hanging or framing. Our ready-to-go professional art canvas creates the ideal versatile painting medium that provides a natural barrier against corrosive effects of media. These canvases are acid-free and pre-primed with three layers of gesso to provide a smooth, even surface ideal for artists to outline their work on the canvas before painting.

ADVANCED ORIGINATION: Laboratory gesso formulation is non-toxic soluble chalk and titanium white pigment binder, gives an optimal tooth for color adhesion, durable water-resistance, and non-yellowing surface. Closely woven pure natural 3-ply cotton surface texture delivers an inherent paint-gripping tooth with minimum media absorption qualities. Longer fibers provide greater strength and durability enabling a superior painting substrate with folded corners and paintable edges.

1-YEAR GUARANTEE: Backed up by a 100% money back guarantee If you have any problems, we’ll replace your stretched canvas set or give you your money back – we won’t let you down. Daveliou offers creative solutions, reliability and exceptional service to our customers. Perfect for beginners, students and advanced painters at an affordable price. Unleash your creativity… Makes an ideal gift!
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