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19 Piece Premium-Grade Calligraphy Pen Set

The Secret Behind Penmanship… is expression in each stroke!

“Every artist dips his pen in his own soul, and scribbles his nature into his handwriting.”

Exceptional Quality at Significant Savings!

The Daveliou Calligraphy 19-Piece set contains exceptional pens, inks and nibs for artistic mastery. The art of writing by hand makes your text meaningful and tangible – the hand puts emotions and ideas down on paper beautifully:
– Re-invent your writing style and discover the joys of dip pens and learning to work with them
– Combine nib flexibility and pressure with a specialty nib to produce elegant effects
– Luxury ink with 5 vibrant shades to help bring inspiration to your writing
– Instruction booklet includes tips and steps to beautiful penmanship.

Crafted to Exacting Standards

Writing is one of mankind’s greatest skills and this set offers versatility without expense – the results are expressive:
– Comfortable to hold 6.7″ long x 0.4″ diameter hand finished birch wood and 5.9″ x 0.6″ blown glass penholders
– 0.33 fl oz Ink color palette with a range of 5 beautiful shades to work with; Black, Indigo, Blue, Red, and Green
– 10 reservoir nibs sized extra fine 1, fine 2, medium 3, broad 4, extra broad 5
– Secure nib mounting and ease of nib exchange.

Your pens are an investment. Thorough cleaning after each session helps performance and longevity.

No Risk Guarantee

Backed by a No-Hassle Lifetime Free Replacement Pledge.

Nothing can replace your signature…

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5 reviews for Daveliou Calligraphy Pen Set – 19-Piece Kit – FREE Glass Pen – 10 Nib & 5 Ink Set

  1. Jeanie

    I don’t know how to rate it because there were no instructions as to how to change the nibs. I received the 18 pc set for Christmas and can not change or even get the nibs off the pens. So as of right now Iam not impressed with the set- can you offer written instructions please. I was very excited to get the set . Please help I would like to use the set. Thank you

    • Lionel

      Hi Jeanie

      Many thanks for contacting us with your query – we hope that this tip helps you. We do find that in some sets the nibs are tighter than others, but the nibs can be removed.

      The nib has a tip and at its opposite end is the shank, the shank is straight and has a curved profile – the shank end is used to attach the nib to the holder. To remove a nib from the gpens, grip the nib between thumb and forefinger near the shank, avoid holding the tip of the nib or the metal piece that the nib is inserted into – rather hold the lower part of the pen. It is easy to damage a nib with too much pressure or twisting. Pull the nib out firmly and smoothly. You may need to twist slightly to free it. We find it easier to grip the nib if wearing a thick rubber glove to help apply sufficient pressure – you may want to perhaps try this.

      To insert another nib hold the metal ferrule with one hand and with the other hand hold the nib firmly halfway down the nib body, avoiding gripping the slit and tip of the nib. Push the tab end of the nib into the metal ferrule while ensuring that the logo is always at the top of the pen and the nib is at the top. Make sure the nib is firmly inserted and gripped, it should never be loose. Once it is secure, the pen is ready to use.

      Please come back to us if this trick does not help and we will do whatever we can to resolve the issue and get you a set which does work!

      Kind regards


  2. Dorothy Perry

    A gift to me for mother’s day. It’s a beautiful set of pens. The first time of changing nibs took a little time but after that no problem at all. I love the nibs that were in the holders, very smooth writing. I’m not an experienced calligrapher so I’ve lots of practice ahead trying out all the nibs. I am learning copperplate at the moment and wonder which nib you recommend for that?

    • Lionel

      Hi Dorothy

      Everyone has different styles of writing, as a result the best nibs of really depends on your own style of hand letting. However, Copperplate writing requires a fine pointed nib, so I would suggest that you try the nibs that both pens come standard with, as these have the finest points. The nibs with the rounded tips are traditionally used for more illustrative type of work, or hand lettering where you are not looking for a big differentiation between your up and down strokes.

      I am sure you will become addicted as you practice and master calligraphy – the wonderful thing with modern calligraphy is that there is no right or wrong, so experiment and have a fantastic time. I would suggest starting off with the black ink, as it is a little more difficult to master calligraphy using metallic inks…. so leave this until it is becoming more natural for you 🙂

      I hope you enjoy using our beautiful pink set and soon become a calligraphy expert.

  3. Brenda

    I got this as a gift. Such a beautiful set. Is it true for the first use you have to flash the nib with a flame?

    • Lionel

      Hi Brenda,

      We are so glad that you love your pink pen set!

      The nibs will hold ink and work a lot better if they are cleaned before first use to remove the protective coating which was put on the nib to protect it. There are a number of ways that you can do this – one way is to hold and rotate the nib through a flame and then wash and dry the nib thoroughly – when you do this, you will see that the nib leaves a slight residue on the kitchen paper that you use. Another method is to gently scrub the nib with an old toothbrush, using washing up liquid and then again dry thoroughly. Once you have done this, the nib should perform well – I find that if you fill the reservoir properly, it will hold enough ink for approximately 10 letters (of course depending on the size of the letters and the complexity of flourishes that you are writing) without blotting or being scratchy. When you have finished writing, always wash and dry your nib thoroughly before storing, taking it out of the ferrule to ensure that you do remove all the ink.

  4. Zahra

    I got this as a gift for my birthday, I love it but I’m really disappointed that when I opened it the glass dip pen was broken. Other than that it’s lovely.

    • Lionel

      Many thanks for contacting us and letting us know about the issue with your glass pen.

      We are really sorry that the pen that you received was broken – we check each individual set prior to sending it to Amazon to ensure that the pen is secured with the elastic bands and to check that is not broken.

      Your set must have received rough handling during delivery and unfortunately this has resulted in the glass pen breaking. We will happily replace your glass pen – would you mind sending us a photo of the pen and also your delivery address?

      Kind regards

  5. Yumi Lee

    I already have this set. I really want indigo ink only. Can i get one?

    • Lionel

      Hi Yumi

      Please can you send us an e-mail with your address, so that we can send you a commplimentary bottle of indigo ink. We are looking to introduce replacement inks on our website (but not Amazon).

      As soon as you can get the details to us, we will post the bottle off to you.

      Kind regards

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