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THE DAVELIOU CALLIGRAPHY PEN SET brings the craft of traditional writing into the modern era – doing its part to keep the art of writing alive!
Discover an exquisite calligraphy set with 2 pens, 4 inks and 10 nibs – packaged inside a luxurious blue and silver box. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced calligrapher, let your imagination run wild with the Daveliou calligraphy pens – allowing you to produce a multitude of line widths and write with your own style.  With so many positives, it’s no wonder why people all over the world are now writing with these calligraphy pens and our range of non-toxic, vegan-friendly inks.

EXPERTLY HANDCRAFTED – At Daveliou, our vision is to provide calligraphy tools that work with you, not against you! Stop worrying about the quality of your tools, and fully concentrate on writing that letter, card, invitation, etc.  Write with our beautiful glass pen, or our luxury birchwood pen – both handcrafted to perfection!  These long-handle pens provide superior control and stability, while also delivering smooth ink that flows with ease. Each stainless-steel nib is tipped with iridium alloy, ensuring they stay in excellent condition even after years of use.

PREMIUM INK FINISH – Our ink formulation is derived from non-toxic soluble dyes and pigments suspended in shellac. The result? Optimal ink flow that enables colour brilliance with durable lightfastness that doesn’t deteriorate or fade.  Three of the inks have a pearlescent finish, leaving your script glittering with a wizard finish.  Daveliou’s ink delivers great pigment dispersal, a smooth premium finish, AND is produced without animal by-products – Perfect!

THE ULTIMATE CALLIGRAPHY SET for kids, students and experienced artists. Open the luxurious black and gold box and discover an exquisite set with 2 dip pens, 4 coloured inks, and 10 nibs.  The ink colors are raven black, faerie green, noble purple and starry silver.  With the beautiful sun and moon design on the ferrule and stand, this is the perfect lettering set for beginners and all fans of craft writing. Also included is our basic instruction guide – learn the professional way!  Turn to the Daveliou calligraphy set for when you have a piece of work that demands elegant lettering and a touch of sophistication.

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